Design is a creative activity, a problem-solving process, a systematic activity, a human-centric activity, and a coordinating activity.  All and all, it’s about effective decision-making.  Today’s businesses of all sizes are looking to harness the power of design-thinking to help them build value and develop innovative products and services for their customers.  Design management is focused on developing effective methods of incorporating design-thinking into the company’s processes and culture for business success.

Services include: design communications, global design awards program management, design language management support, design audits, internal and external presentations development, design journal ghost writing, design wordsmithing, design conference planning & IP support.

A Rhode Island School of Design professor once said to me, "If you think you know something well, try teaching it."   Our staff has years of experience teaching design and math topics and we believe that in order to be an effective designer, teacher, or consultant, one must also be an effective, continuous learner.  ...So we teach design and we tutor math.  We learn through teaching and stay involved in our professions.

STEAM is an educational approach to learning that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics as foundations for guiding human inquiry, understanding, dialogue, critical thinking, and effective decision making.

Umbach Consulting Group was established by Mr. Umbach based on over two decades of ID and NPD experience from corporate and consulting professional practice as well as teaching industrial design and user-centered design at the university level.  The company's  focus has been on medical devices, technology products, consumer products, and strategic design management and processes. Our team brings design, innovation, process development, and user-focus, to our client's projects.

Services include: product ideation-conceptualization, brainstorm session facilitation & leadership, industrial design, feasibility prototypes and mock-ups, manufacturing support documentation, and design research.




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Design Rules!

-Tom Peters